A Nifty Invention

October 10, 2011

During a recent trip to my local kaiten zushi restaurant, I was surprised when one of the plates of sushi that I’d previously been eyeing up fell off the conveyor belt into a kind of hole beside the track. Did the prawny roll have a mind of its own? Was it trying to escape the mouth of the foreigner? The poster nearby soon helped me put things straight:

It says:

World exclusive patent

Time restricted control system

Patent number 2756921

In the name of freshness and safety, sushi is automatically discarded within 55 minutes of boarding the conveyor belt.


I’m glad I didn’t choose that one. How about an extension to the system where each plate of sushi displays the amount of time that plate has been on the conveyor belt. And the price gradually goes down the longer it’s been on the track. All in the name of freshness and safety!

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