It is hard to tell exactly where sanity ends and madness begins. Indeed, most people are perfectly sane, while a few are obviously mad; but, as a matter of course, there must also be people who are somewhere in the middle. Some of the people around us seem to be normal but harbour intense tendencies towards insanity, while some speak or act unconventionally but are not actually insane. Up until now, I have come across two such people, who, by a strange stroke of coincidence, shared a common association with Napoleon Bonaparte. The first was Dr. Kimbe Minamisawa, and the second was a gentleman in his fifties who, as I recall, went by the name of Murase.

Dr. Minamisawa’s madness was not the kind that would be recognized by a member of the medical profession; he was, in every respect, a normal member of society, and his ability as a technician was most likely second to none. But just as a man obsessed with baseball is ‘mad about baseball’ and a man infatuated with women is ‘mad about women’, Dr. Minamisawa was also, to some extent, mad. He was ‘Napoleon mad’.

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