The Odd One Out by Iwao Kimura

September 13, 2011

Four blood filthy kings were enjoying merry banter over drinks. Just as the banquet was reaching its climax, the King of Clubs noticed something.

“Hearts, you have no beard,” he said suddenly.

The King of Diamonds and the King of Spades looked over at the King of Hearts’ upper lip.

“It is true. You indeed have no beard. Thus, I declare you the odd one out!” said the King of Spades, with a hearty laugh.

The King of Diamonds continued the mockery.

“A beard is essential to the air of a king. A king without a beard is like a bird without a crest, or a lion without a mane.”

Not being beaten, the King of Hearts held his ground.

“Well if I am not mistaken, Diamonds is the only one here with an axe about his person. It is common sense that a king should carry a sword. Diamonds is not a woodcutter. How ridiculous!”

Embarrassed, the King of Diamonds looked down.

“So there we have it! You are also the odd one out,” declared the King of Spades triumphantly.

The King of Hearts was the next to laugh.

“Well Spades, it is about time you came down from your high horse. I will have you know that you too are the odd one out.”

The King of Spades was taken aback.

“I encourage you to step down, Hearts. I am perfect, a fine figure of a king. I have a beard and I am carrying a sword. What leads you to think that I am the odd one out?”

“You are the only one facing right. Look carefully. We three kings are all facing left.”

The King of Spades looked at the other three kings. Hearts was indeed correct. The King of spades began to look rather disappointed.

As the kings considered who would be up next they simultaneously glanced over at the King of Clubs. Aware of their gaze, the King of Clubs put down his glass and took to the floor.

“Let me assure you. There is nothing that makes me the odd one out. Look, here is my beard, my sword and I am also facing left. I am perfectly flawless,” he said jokingly.

But the other three kings were not amused. They proceeded to survey the King of Clubs from head to toe in the hope of finding that one point that would make him the odd one out.  

“My royal cousins, I ask you to put an end to your impossible quest and let us make merry. There is no way you will ever declare me the odd one out. How utterly absurd!”

Upon hearing this, the King of Diamonds smiled wholeheartedly.

“We three kings have all been declared the odd one out. However, Clubs, you have not. Thus, your highness, you too are the odd one out.”


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