Pollution Remedy by 大久保十造 

August 30, 2011

The husband came home to his eighth floor apartment and pleasingly wolfed down his dinner in record time.

“I’ve been really hungry the last few days,” said the husband.

“And why’s that?” asked the wife.

“Something smells good, right? Up until a few days ago the smokestack from the crematorium was causing an awful stink, but lately there’s a great smell drifting about and it’s like it somehow makes its way into the food. I wonder if there’s a new chicken grill opened up nearby.”

“Yes. I guess you could be right.”

The truck, which was loaded with a large quantity of grilled meat sauce, secretly made its way in and out of the crematorium.

 ‘Yaki-niku’ or grilled meat cuisine is a kind of indoor Japanese barbeque. The types of meat include various cuts. Flesh, tongue, intestinal organs etc!


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