Miso Soup (A popular Japanese story/joke)

August 5, 2011

(Was just wondering… what would this story be called if it was in the uk? Oxtail Soup? London Particular? )

Miso Soup

“I want you to make miso soup for me,” he told me out of the blue. How could I not be happy upon hearing such words from the man of my dreams? To tell the truth, I was over the moon.

 But all I could say was, “please wait a while.” I had no alternative.

From that point onwards, I continued without fail to tell him the same thing.

 “Please wait a bit longer.”

Three years had passed without change when he told me, “I can’t wait any longer. It’s about time we split up.”

It came as a shock. I understood where he was coming from, because I had been keeping him waiting all that time. But I had not been making him wait out the last three years for nothing. I had been trying my best the whole time. And I was honestly almost there.

After three years of practice I was finally so close to being able to make decent, drinkable miso soup…

http://homepage2.nifty.com/maezou/story232misosiru.html (The original by Maezo)


One Response to “Miso Soup (A popular Japanese story/joke)”

  1. hypodemicnoodle Says:

    this is so sad : (

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