The Box Man (excerpt 4) – convinced the original is wrong on this bit!

July 28, 2011

If there was one thing that could be faulted in A then it was that he was just a little over conscious of box men compared to others. You cannot laugh at A. If you are someone who has ever dreamed of or imagined, even just once, an anonymous town exclusively for anonymous people–a town where each and every door is open and not separated for the sake of anyone, where there is no real need to be on guard even among strangers, where you will not be disturbed for walking down the street doing a head stand or sleeping by the wayside, where no special permission is needed to call someone over and, if singing is your forte, you are free to sing to them to your heart’s content, and where after that you can disappear into the crowd whenever you please–then you are no longer indifferent and you will always fall into the same trap as A.

            Therefore, there is rarely a situation which warrants pointing a gun at a box man.


2 Responses to “The Box Man (excerpt 4) – convinced the original is wrong on this bit!”

  1. I’m a big Abe fan too. You’re getting a lot of work done. Looks good. Keep it up.

  2. nikzback Says:

    Thanks. I’ve had a mooch around your blog too. I was wondering, are you living in Japan?

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