Strange Medicine by Hoshi Shinichi

March 26, 2010

‘You enjoy playing with medicine don’t you?’ said the friend who was paying a visit to Doctor K’s house. ‘Whenever I come round you’re always mixing medicine and heating it up! Is there anything to be gained from it?’

‘You should be glad! I’ve finally made some amazing medicine. Here it is,’ said Doctor K pointing at a bottle of powder.

‘That’s all well and good. But what kind of medicine is it?’ inquired the friend as he inspected the bottle.

‘Cold medicine.’

‘And what’s so special about it compared to other cold medicines?’

‘Well shall we take a look at how it works right now?’ said Doctor K as he swallowed a little.

The friend look puzzled. ‘You say you’re going to show me how it works, but I don’t believe you’ve caught a cold?’

‘It’s fine, you’ll see.’

Before long Doctor K started coughing and the friend, looking worried, placed a hand on Doctor K’s forehead.

‘You’ve got a fever. Whatever happened?’

‘There’s no need to panic. This medicine’s not for curing a cold, this is medicine for catching a cold!’

‘Well I’ll be damned! That is absurd! I do hope you don’t pass that cold onto me.’

‘There’s no need to worry about that. Just wait a little longer.’

After around one hour had passed, Doctor K’s cough had settled down and his temperature had also returned to normal.

The friend looked increasingly puzzled. ‘Has it cleared up already?’

‘Let me explain. When you take this medicine, it appears as if you’ve caught a cold. It’s merely an appearance so it’s safe and painless to the person involved. Then after one hour has passed you return to normal.’

‘You’ve invented something extraordinary! But does this kind of medicine serve an actual purpose?’

‘Of course it does! You can use to skive off work. In other words, it means you can avoid doing jobs that you don’t want to do!’

After having this explained to him, the friend showed the first sign of excitement. ‘I see, I see! That is useful! You take this medicine when it looks like you’re going to be made to do a job you hate. It’s amazing! Would you mind sharing some with me?’

‘See I told you! You want it don’t you? Of course I’d be happy to give you some.’ The doctor put some medicine in a small bottle and the friend returned home happily.

Then one day, it was Doctor K’s turn to pay a visit to his friend. He was told that there was going to be a birthday celebration and to be sure to come along. During the meal, Doctor K grimaced unexpectedly. ‘Excuse me,’ he said. ‘I’m sorry to be rude but I’ve just come across with a sudden spot of stomach ache. I think I’ll have to call it a day.’

The friend panicked. ‘Don’t make fun of me. I take it you want to go home early because being at my house isn’t fun. Please don’t rush off,’ he said, as if he he’d realised what was going on.

‘It really hurts!’ said the doctor as the colour drained from his face. He started to sweat and sank back in his chair. But the friend, who wasn’t about to be made a fool, stopped him with a laugh.

‘You’ve made more medicine like the one you made recently! You have to get stomach ache now and again, because having a cold every time would invite suspicion, wouldn’t it?’

But even after one hour had passed Doctor K felt no better, his pain only continued to get worse. Finally, the friend decided that Doctor K might be suffering from a real illness and called a doctor, who rushed to the scene. ‘It’s a good job I made it in time,’ said the doctor, after treating Doctor K. ‘If I’d arrived just a little later it would’ve been too late!’

After this incident Doctor K stopped making strange medicine.


4 Responses to “Strange Medicine by Hoshi Shinichi”

  1. sian Says:

    Good alternative to the ‘boy who cried wolf’ 🙂

  2. Hey. One of the readers of my blog showed me this site because I’m doing the exact same thing. Just wanted to say hey. Nice to see a Shinichi Hoshi fan.

  3. InnerDialect Says:

    hey this read good…. !

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