Kidnap by Hoshi Shinichi (English Translation)

March 19, 2010

The doctor was waiting impatiently in front of the phone when it rang. He reached out his hand and answered the call. A low voice travelled out from the pitch black interior of the receiver. ‘Hello, is your husband home?’

‘Ah, that would be me.’

‘So if I’m not mistaken, you would be the famous Dr. Estrela?’

‘That’s correct, but who on earth are you?’

‘I can’t tell you that, but I think you may have already guessed what this call is about.’ The man’s voice turned into a cold laugh as he drew to a close.

‘Oh, so you’re…’ The doctor stopped in his tracks. The man’s voice remained calm.

‘That’s correct. Your baby is right here, sleeping soundly.’

The doctor’s voice trembled. ‘What are you up to, taking away my precious child? Taking a child of less than one year…’

‘If the child was that precious to you, you wouldn’t leave it in your car whilst you go about your business now would you?’

‘Oh, so you did take it at that time as I thought, even though I’d just nipped away to buy a magazine. I bet you’d had you’re eye on it for a while too.’

‘Now now doctor, don’t make such a fuss. How about accepting reality like a true man of science?’

‘Why in the name of common sense did you do such a thing? Why not take it out on me if you’re holding some kind of grudge. You cowardly…’

‘Oh no, I have nothing resembling a grudge against you doctor. Quite the opposite really, Id even go as far as saying that I respect you.’

‘Then what are you playing at? My wife was so devastated that she’s curled up in bed consumed with grief.’

At that point, the man’s voice assumed a hint of anxiety. ‘Don’t tell me you’ve informed the police?’

‘No, I haven’t reported it yet. I’d decided to prepare for the worst and was waiting a while in case you should call. So please, just don’t harm the baby.’

‘Just as I expected doctor, I can assure you there’s nothing to worry about. Your baby is fine. So let’s make a deal right now.’

‘We could make a deal. But I’m sure you’re aware that kidnapping a child and demanding money is a serious crime?’

‘I’m aware of that. But if you do anything stupid, you don’t know what might happen to your child.’

‘Just wait! How much do you want?’

‘Let me put it bluntly. The blueprint for the completed robot that you’re rumoured to be keeping a secret.’

‘No way, that wouldn’t be possible!’

‘But dictating possibilities amounts to taking liberties doesn’t it.’

‘That was something I made in order to fix the evils of the world. I’ll be damned if I let it enter the hands of the likes of you. I’ll let you name your price so let me settle this with money.’

‘But it’s like you often say yourself doctor, money can’t buy research. Besides, surely I would be more apt at making money from that blueprint than you.’

‘What a cold hearted bastard! Yet you call yourself human?’

‘Quite right, I am indeed not a robot. As you can clearly see I have desire.’

‘People like you deserve to die!’

‘Why don’t you calm down? Don’t go forgetting I have your son right here.’

‘As it seems I have no choice I’ll have to accept your deal.’

‘Yes that’s true. That’s what I expect of a sensible doctor like yourself.’

‘But can I be sure that my boy is definitely there with you?’

‘Don’t worry about that. He’s been sleeping quietly on the sofa beside me the whole time.’

‘That’s a relief. But just to be sure, make him say something for me.’

‘But he can’t speak, can he?’

‘No no, his cry will be fine. If I could just hear him cry, I’d also be relieved and I’ll accept your deal.’

‘You sure that’s ok, if I make him cry?’

‘I want to make sure my boy’s safe. Pull on of his ear for me. For some reason, the nerves in his ears are delicate. Even when he’s sleeping quietly, if you pull his ear he soon starts to cry.’

‘That’s a peculiar habit isn’t it? Well OK then, I’ll do it. But it would be a pain if someone might come round after having overheard something. I’ll shut the window first.’

‘That’s up to you; you can lock the door too if you like.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Whatever. Make him cry right away. Give me some proof that he’s still alive.’

‘Wait. I’m doing it now. When I’m through with this, we’ll move onto the details of the transaction.’ The man’s voice broke off for a moment and was replaced by the sound of him closing the window. Then, a faint voice could be heard.

‘Your father said he wants to hear you cry baby. If it hurts a little, just be patient.’

The doctor increased the strength of his hand as he pressed the receiver against his ear. A violent explosion reverberated down the phone. The doctor, having returned the receiver to its original position, laughed contentedly. ‘They never realise that the ear is the trigger. That’s one less bad guy in the world!’ 


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  2. Toreshii Says:

    Thanks for the translation. Would you by chance know where I could find the Japanese version of this story online?

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